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About The Donor SOURCE of New England

For Intended Parents

Welcome to The Donor SOURCE of New England! We truly understand how important and often overwhelming choosing a egg donor can be. It is our goal to make your egg donor selection process as stress-free as possible. We want to get to know you and your unique situation so we can assist you in making the best choice possible. You are encouraged to contact us to discuss your needs and concerns in going forward with a donor cycle.

It is always difficult to hear that your best chance of growing your family is through an IVF donor cycle. Going through a mourning period where you experience a whole range of emotions including denial and anger is natural. We suggest that before jumping into the egg donor selection process, you should give yourself time to adjust. Ask your doctor about support groups and therapists who specialize in this area. We are happy to recommend a number of wonderful therapists and organizations who can help you reconcile this new situation.

When you are ready to start your search, our best advice is to follow your heart. Most intended parents have in mind characteristics and qualities they most value in a egg donor. We encourage you to be open as you review profiles. If there is a donor you feel drawn to, listen to your heart or subconscious. We have found that most couples tend to be happiest with a donor they feel a connection to. You may not be able to put into words what has drawn you to your choice. We often hear “It just feels right.”

We are happy to have our case managers meet with you in the Boston, New York, and New England area, in your home, or over the phone to discuss details of our egg donation program. We truly enjoy helping intended parents find the perfect donor. We have counseled hundreds of couples through donor cycles over the years and I would love to help you in your search.

We wish you all the best in this exciting journey.

Warm regards,

The Fertility SOURCE Companies Staff

Sheryl Steinberg
Senior Regional Manager
Northeast Region
877.375.8888 ext 252

Donna Raidy
Chief Operating Officer
877.375.8888 ext 108
Stephanie Warren
Internet Marketing Manager
949.872.2800 ext 103
Missi Lockwood
Director of Donor Recruitment
877.375.8888 ext 110
Lori Broitman
Director of Business Development
877.375.8888 ext 255
Jennifer Pearce
Surrogacy Program Administrator
877.375.8888 ext 106
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The Donor SOURCE of New England serves the entire New England region, including Massachusetts (Boston), Connecticut,
New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont. We also provide services in New York state.
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