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About The Donor SOURCE of New England

For Donors

Thank you for your interest in The Donor SOURCE of New England. The journey of egg donation involves time, dedication and most of all, willingness to help a couple struggling with infertility to realize their dream of a child. We encourage you to learn more about egg donation and the roles and responsibilities of a egg donor by thoroughly reviewing the information on our website. Donors are directly responsible for countless happy endings for so many of our families, and we make every effort to show our donors how much they are appreciated. While egg donation can be tremendously rewarding in the long run, we understand that the process can also be stressful and often overwhelming. We constantly strive to provide an open line of communication between all parties and strongly encourage donors to call whenever they have a question or just need to talk.

Once you feel you have a clear understanding of the requirements, please take a moment to complete the initial questionnaire. If it is determined that you would be a good candidate for egg donation after your information is reviewed, you will be asked to complete a second, more detailed questionnaire, usually via email, and will then be asked to call to schedule an interview. In-person interviews are arranged whenever possible, however, we also offer phone interviews and seminars for those in outlying areas.

This can be a life-enriching and incredibly beautiful experience for young women. If you have any questions that have not been answered on the website, we encourage you to call us anytime.

Thank you for your kind interest.


The Fertility SOURCE Companies Staff

Sheryl Steinberg
Senior Regional Manager
Northeast Region
877.375.8888 ext 252

Donna Raidy
Chief Operating Officer
877.375.8888 ext 108
Stephanie Warren
Internet Marketing Manager
949.872.2800 ext 103
Missi Lockwood
Director of Donor Recruitment
877.375.8888 ext 110
Lori Broitman
Director of Business Development
877.375.8888 ext 255
Jennifer Pearce
Surrogacy Program Administrator
877.375.8888 ext 106
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The Donor SOURCE of New England serves the entire New England region, including Massachusetts (Boston), Connecticut,
New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont. We also provide services in New York state.
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