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The Donor Source of New England is committed to providing the most professional and compassionate assistance available for growing families considering egg donation. Each case is considered on an individual basis. Every client that comes to us has a different life experience which has brought them to this point. Wherever you are in the donor selection process, we will work with you to try and meet your needs and do all that we can to find you an appropriate egg donor.

  • More than 900 donors - and growing!
  • Wide variety of backgrounds and characteristics
  • Well screened donors have carefully considered their decision to donate
  • Donors must meet specific age (21-29), weight, education, lifestyle, and schedule requirements
  • Donors are personally interviewed prior to including them in our donor pool
  • Donors are counseled on the process, obligations and risks involved in egg donation
  • Donors are encouraged to voice any concerns they have before they proceed
  • Donors are informed of the confidential nature of the arrangement with the recipient(s)
  • We do everything in our power to ensure each donor is well informed and committed

The Donor SOURCE of New England makes choosing a donor easy. Your first step will be to speak with one of our directors in order for us to have a better sense of your individual needs and what the most important aspects are to you in choosing a donor. We may also make suggestions of specific donors that come to mind through our discussions with you that may suit your needs. At this point we can direct you to our state of the art, user friendly web site. From start to finish we provide everything you need to make your donor selection as streamlined and effortless as is possible.

We understand that this process can pose many challenges, and we pride ourselves in providing a clear choice for intended parents. We look forward to hearing from you, and are here to listen. Contact our staff.

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The Donor SOURCE of New England serves the entire New England region, including Massachusetts (Boston), Connecticut,
New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont. We also provide services in New York state.
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